Rave Reviews

"Kokanee Mountain Zipline is such a cool adventure! The scenery is so wild and big. It’s like a super-sized zipline course compared to other one’s we’ve done. The heights, speeds, and distance are awesome. My family can’t wait to go. It’s really nice that Kokanee has a low minimum weight limit so my fly-weight 9 year old son can go too. This zipline makes the Nelson area even better!"

- James & Bianca

"Awesome zip line adventure!
A beautiful and super fun way to enjoy and experience the Kootenays! Totally safe! You feel secure in the knowledge and expertise of the instructors, the newness and maintenance of the equipment, and overall safety procedures of the trip! The vies are spectacular and unlike any other views you would get in this area! You can see the Kokanee Glacier Park, Kokanee Creek and through the Kokanee canyon and valleys all the way to the Kootenay Lake!

Brilliant adventure! So much fun!!!"

- Holly

"Zip line thrills
Excellent time most exhilarating, adrenaline rush I've ever had . Great views, great guides and very safe, secure experience, would definitely do again !!! Thanks to the great guides."

- Donna

"Our 15 year old boys had a wonderful time!
Would recommend this adventure for any family! !!!! You won't regret it!!! The 6 zip lines took 2 hours to get through with some way over 350ft high!"

- Luke

"WOW! Ziplining is amazing!
We had a fabulous time zipping across the canyon while taking in the views of the valley. The guides made us feel safe, laugh, and were very knowledgeable of the area. I recommend this adventure and would do it again in a heartbeat. Our favorite zip was #4, we called it the "Kokanee Rocket"."

- Keith

"Last week I was talked into zip lining. I am 78 and terrified of heights, this was big! After seeing their approach to safety I decided to go for it. I had so much fun flying across those valleys. It was amazing, beautiful and fun. I'd go again in a heartbeat. The guides were terrific. The owners were so professional. Everyone should go."

- Bruce

"Today a group of ten of us went out. Ages from 40 ' s down to 10 yrs of age. We all had an absolute blast!!!! My 10 yr old was tentative to say the least but left saying that it was amazing and he was so thankful he went. The staff are great. They were very personable, safety conscious, and fun! They were more than willing to help with pictures and videos as well. I can't say enough to explain how beautiful the zip line course is! Breath taking!!!! We will definitely be back"

- Tammy

"Wonderful! Great guides, beautiful views and thrilling experience! Many thanks to our guides."

- Amy