6 Features Every Great Zipline Should Have

August 26, 2015
Zipline enthusiasts will always enjoy themselves if the course features an exciting and varied design, and is located among stunning natural surroundings.

Zipline enthusiasts will always enjoy themselves if the course features an exciting and varied design, and is located among stunning natural surroundings.

Of all the exciting things to do in BC, zooming along a zipline has got to be one of the most exhilarating. The sense of freedom you get from soaring high above the ground is an experience you won’t soon forget.

But for ziplining adventures to be truly memorable, there are a number of features an aerial park should have. For instance, what sounds more appealing: floating down a gently sloped, wide open hillside devoid of any physical attractions, or careening down a mountainside at super-fast speeds, crisscrossing canyons and zipping past treetops as you go?

With that in mind, our zipline experts have devised a checklist for high-flying outdoor fun the next time you’re craving an adrenaline fix.


1. Speed

This is an essential ingredient for any zipline activity. Without it, you might as well go for a hike. There are a number of ziplines in BC that can reach speeds up to 100 km/h, which is enough to satisfy the most hearty thrill seeker.

Of course, having a nice blend of line speeds is also desirable. Otherwise, the tour will be over before you know it!


2. Length of Line

The time you spend airborne is what good ziplining is all about. If you constantly have to clip in and out of cables because the lines are short, it’ll feel like a fragmented experience.

Companies such as Kokanee Mountain Zipline feature a variety of line lengths, the longest being 2,400 feet. That’s the equivalent of eight football fields!


3. Height

The higher up off the ground you are, the bigger the rush. If you can imagine gliding effortlessly through the air while being 300 feet off the ground, it’s almost like flying.


4. Terrain

As previously mentioned, ziplining and stunning landscape go hand in hand. These aerial adventures parks are set up in breathtaking locations to allow guest to experience the setting from a unique perspective.

Some of the common landscape features you’ll find around BC ziplines include:

  • Mature forests (fir, pine, cedar etc.)
  • Canyons, creeks and gullies
  • Rugged rock formations
  • Mountain views
  • Local flora and fauna


5. Great Guides

Having a trustworthy and entertaining guide is an integral aspect of any outdoor adventure tour, and ziplining is no different. Not only will a reputable guide ensure your safety on the course, they’ll offer encouragement when you need it and they’ll also pass along knowledge of the local environment and surrounding area.


6. Friends

This isn’t necessarily an element of a ziplining course, but we feel this is an activity that’s best enjoyed when you can share it with others. The sense of bonding you can achieve is remarkable.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you should try zip lining, read our post: 4 Reasons Zip Lining Should be on Your Bucket List.

Are you searching for a unique way to experience the Kootenay outdoors? Kokanee Mountain Zipline is an exhilarating family-friendly activity that combines the best of high-flying fun and safety. Call us to book a tour!