The Perfect Recipe for a Ziplining Adventure in the Kootenays

April 13, 2016
Exhilarating courses and breathtaking views are key components of any ziplining course. (Note: Photo features a KMZ employee. You do NOT need gloves to ride the ziplines.)<br>

Exhilarating courses and breathtaking views are key components of any ziplining course. (Note: Photo features a KMZ employee. You do NOT need gloves to ride the ziplines.)

To make an exquisite meal, it takes fresh ingredients and a great recipe. The same can be said about ziplining. You have to have the right elements in place to make it a truly spectacular event.

Of all the things to do in BC, riding on a zipline is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities for thrill-seeking tourists. To make sure you experience the best outing possible, here are some key things you should look for when planning your next adrenaline zipline excursion.


It’s All About the Course

No two ziplines in BC are alike. Courses can vary widely based on:

  • Geography
  • Steepness of terrain
  • Plant life
  • Local weather
  • Facilities

For instance, courses like Kokanee Mountain Zipline, the only one of its kind in the Kootenays, offer an array of lines ranging from an easy 80-foot warmup line all the way to a 2,400-foot cross-canyon traverse that brings you 300 feet off the ground!

Some key things you’ll want to look for in a course include:

  • Length of ziplines
  • Speed of lines
  • Distance above the ground
  • Varied course layout

If you’re wondering about the science behind ziplining, check out our post: Zipline Physics: What Goes into Planning Your Thrill Ride?




Ziplining Safety

Guest safety should be paramount at any ziplining operation. Thankfully, most outfits in the province follow best practices for safety, which includes:

  • Delivering a safety orientation to guests prior to starting the course
  • Outfitting guests with proper safety harnesses and helmets
  • Providing experienced guides to assist and encourage guests along the course

In addition to overseeing your safety, your guide should also be able to talk about the course surroundings, answer questions about local flora and fauna and help you feel at ease on the course.


Spectacular Scenery

BC is renowned for its stunning landscapes, expansive forests and rugged terrain. Ziplining lets you experience the province’s majestic beauty from an entirely different vantage point. 

In addition to zooming along the treetops and high above rocky gorges, guests of Kokanee Mountain Zipline are also treated to other natural vistas in the area, including:

  • Kokanee Creek
  • Kootenay Mountains



What would a zipline adventure be if you couldn’t share the experience with friends? Whether it’s that first shriek you involuntarily let out as you take the plunge off the platform, or your complete elation as you careen down the longest zipline on the course, these are moments that will last a lifetime. 

You can even make your friends laugh as you attempt your best Superman pose while barreling down a line. Whatever you get up to, you’re sure to chuckle about it after.


Are you looking for a unique ziplining adventure in the Kootenays? Come and visit Kokanee Mountain Zipline. We’re located on 44 acres of beautiful old growth Douglas fir and pine forest, offering guests stunning views of the surrounding countryside.