Top 5 Things To Do in BC for Active Seniors: Kootenay Edition

May 12, 2016
There's plenty of low-impact physical fun to be had in The Kootenays!

There's plenty of low-impact physical fun to be had in The Kootenays!

If there’s a segment of the population that has shown a knack for finding the best things to do in BC, it’s seniors. When you combine a high quality of living with the freedom to explore the tourist attractions this province has to offer, the options are limitless. The Kootenays, in particular, are proving to be a popular destination for those who want to live young.

On foot, in the air, in the water or on the water, the Kootenay Mountains are filled with plenty of top BC attractions for those with an adventurous spirit.


On Foot: Gibson Lake

Kokanee Glacier Park is host to a wide array of hiking and camping opportunities, and the Gibson Lake Trailhead Loop Trail is a great choice. This easy, 2.5-kilometre return hike takes about an hour to complete and offers great views of:

  • The lake
  • Surrounding peaks
  • Old mining works

The trail features plenty of boardwalk to provide a flat, comfortable hike, helping users avoid any rough or swampy terrain. To reach the trailhead, drive 16km up Kokanee Glacier Park Road (off of Highway 3A). Elevation at the trailhead is 1,536 metres.

For anglers, Gibson Lake also provides good fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout. There is a boat launch, however, only non-motorized boats are permitted. Other amenities include:

  • Picnic tables
  • Toilet
  • Day-use shelter

Hint: Be sure to wrap your car in the chicken wire provided at the parking lot to keep the porcupines out!


In the Air: Zipline Adventures

No matter which side of 60 you’re on, there’s nothing like an adrenaline zipline tour to stimulate the senses. It blends the best of everything you’d expect from a fun, exhilarating outing:

  • Fast, high ziplines
  • Amazing outdoor scenery
  • Safety
  • Experienced guides

If you’re wondering why zipline tours have become such a popular choice among seniors, check out our post: What Do Seniors Think About Ziplining in the Kootenay Mountains


In the Water: Hot Springs

When it comes to things to do in BC, the Kootenays have something many other regions don’t: hot springs!

These geological phenomenon are in abundance in the Kootenay Mountains and they are the perfect place to soak tired muscles during a road trip. Some of the more popular hot springs in the Kootenays  include:

  • Ainsworth
  • Nakusp
  • Halcyon
  • Radium
  • Fairmont

For more adventurous travellers, there are numerous hike-in natural hot springs in the backcountry.


On the Water: Kootenay Lake Ferry

For an enjoyable day out in the West Kootenays, it’s hard to beat a ride on the longest free ferry ride in the world. The crossing between Balfour and Crawford Bay takes roughly 35 minutes.

Once you reach Crawford Bay, you’ll find artisans selling their unique wares. And while you’re waiting for the boat in Balfour, savour a meal at the family-friendly Dock ‘n’ Duck Pub, which offers one of the best waterfront patios on Kootenay Lake.


Looking for exciting things to do in Nelson? Come and try Kokanee Mountain Zipline. We’re less than a 30-minute drive away and our guided tours are sure to give you an adrenaline rush.