4 Things to Know Before You Take that First Zipline Leap

April 27, 2017
Be prepared before you take the leap on your first zipline adventure.

Be prepared before you take the leap on your first zipline adventure.

Standing at the edge of the launch, you look out to the green-tipped treetops and the snow-capped Kokanee Glacier in the distance. Your zipline adventure has begun. All you have to do is take the leap, and then you’re off to the races.

As Kokanee Mountain Zipline co-owner/operator Todd Manton puts it: “Ziplining is a low impact activity and fun for the while family! And he’s right. He’s seen from five to 95-year-olds have the best time of their lives on their first ziplining adventure.

But it really helps to come prepared.

Here are 4 things you need to know before you take the leap:


Avoid being rushed. Arrive early for your booked zipline 

When you’re setting off on your first adrenaline zipline adventure, you want to feel the rush, but not be rushed, so arrive for your booked time early. Think of it as if you are arriving at the airport for a flight. If you’re staying in Nelson give yourself at least 45 minutes, as it takes 30 minutes to drive to Kokanee Mountain Zipline, You’ll then need to sign paperwork such as waivers, be fitted for your harness and helmet, and be oriented by your guides. 


Weather the weather

You’ll be up in the mountains, where it is usually cooler than in town. And in the early morning or evening, it can get even cooler. The clouds can also blow in on a dime. Prepare for cooler temperatures and/or rain by bringing a shell or light jacket, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants along with you summer outfits!


Think comfort and safety

Fashion is fitting for the runway, but when it comes to the zipline there are a few things to consider. If you don’t want dangly items, such as toes, getting stubbed, closed-toe shoes are a must (sneakers, runners, etc). You will also want to tie up your long hair. Think of a ponytail instead of a man or lady bun, as you’ll be wearing a helmet. Speaking of comfort, you may want to avoid wearing those cut-offs or Daisy Dukes. The zipline requires a harness, so a pair of long shorts or pants is best.


Beware of flying objects 

Avoid wearing strapless shoes such as Crocs, or those dangly earrings your aunt bought you for your graduation. Also remove any loose change from your pockets. Your friendly guides will be happy to store away your wallets, watches and those keepsakes for you while you zoom along the zipline.


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Are you ready to take the leap? Kokanee Mountain Zipline is now taking bookings for its upcoming season, expected to open weekends on May 6 and during the weekdays after the May long weekend. Call us or check our booking system online to check available tour times and by clicking book online.