We Got Merch: Bring Home a Keepsake from your Ziplining Experience

June 02, 2017
Kokanee Mountain Zipline rents out GoPro cameras for those who want to record every smile along their ziplining adventures. 

Kokanee Mountain Zipline rents out GoPro cameras for those who want to record every smile along their ziplining adventures. 

Look ma; no hands. It’s one thing to experience the rush of ziplining yourself, but sometimes you just have to share what you experienced with your family and friends.

At Kokanee Mountain Zipline, we offer GoPro rentals and sell all kinds of merchandise to make your ziplining experience one to remember.


Go for the Pro

For the cost of $35, you can record every cool sight and sound of your ziplining adventure. Our GoPro cameras attach to your helmet so you can be hands-free and just enjoy the ride. And you get to keep the SD card at the end of the day.
Make a slideshow to show your grandma, or share your great ziplining adventure with all your envious friends on social media.


Be smart, protect the phone

Those who want to bring their own cameras or smartphones while ziplining can do so at their own risk. But we do have a solution for those who do not have zipped pockets on their shirts or shorts.
Kokanee Mountain sells phone protectors, which you wear around your neck. Your phone will be easily accessible so you can click away at the stunning Kokanee Glacier and Kokanee Creek Canyon, and you can also get some great snaps of your friends and family soaring upside down with a big grin as they zip along the line.


Sunny days for ziplining

Now that the sun is peeking its head out of the clouds, you’ll need sun protection. Although a hat isn’t necessary when ziplining, as all guests wear helmets, you’ll want to consider protecting your eyes with sunglasses and your skin with sunscreen. Kokanee Mountain has just ordered in sunglass straps, so your Raybans, Oakleys or your other choice of shades doesn’t fly away with the birds.


Hungry like a wolf

It’s easy to forget to eat or drink when your stomach is filled with butterflies with the anticipation of your ziplining adventure. We can help. Our office sells snacks, candy and chips as well as Gatorade, pop and water so you can replenish those fluids before or after you’re on the zipline.
Please feel free to bring your own picnic to enjoy as part of your adventure. We are steps away from Kokanee Glacier Park, which features fabulous scenery and picnic spots.


Uno, dos mementos

Wear your ziplining experience on your sleeve, quite literally. We sell T-shirts, hats, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies – all with the KMZ logo – so you can show, not just tell your friends, that you are now a certified zipline pro. We also have stickers and postcards to share and send to your friends and family from far away.

Make ziplining one of your things to do in BC, read our blog on Exploring Kokanee Glacier as part of your Ziplining Adventure.


Do you know someone who would love to go ziplining in BC? Why not give them the gift of flight with a Kokanee Mountain Zipline gift certificate. Gift certificates can be redeemed in the spring-summer 2017 season (we are closed in winter). We also offer discounts to groups of 8 or more.