What Makes Kokanee Mountain Zipline the Place to Go for Zip Lining?

April 12, 2017
Spectacular views and high-flying lines make Kokanee Mountain the zip lining destination of choice for tourists looking for exciting things to do in BC.

Spectacular views and high-flying lines make Kokanee Mountain the zip lining destination of choice for tourists looking for exciting things to do in BC.

In the past few years, ziplining tours have started to crop up all over British Columbia. We’re no different, as we’re only just entering our third season. However, we like to think we have a few aces up our sleeve that helps set us apart from our competitors.

With our unique location in the Kokanee Mountain Range and friendly, experienced staff, we’re confident you’ll enjoy sailing through the treetops as you zip through our course.


Great Lines

The foundation of any quality zip line course is great lines. Without this, you won’t survive for long as a tour operator. It requires a combination of: 

  • Long lines
  • Fast lines
  • Lines that are high above the ground
  • Variety of lines

Our course features six awe-inspiring lines that cater to the needs of thrill-seekers of all ages and sizes. You’ll cruise at speed of up to 90km/h along lines measuring up to 2,400 feet long.


Surrounded by Awesome

We truly feel that the crown jewel of our zip line course is the location. We’re situated in the natural surroundings of the Kokanee Mountain Range, providing our visitors with an opportunity to enjoy zip lining in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere. This includes views of:

  • Kokanee Creek
  • Purcell Mountains
  • Kootenay Lake
  • Pristine Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir forest


We’re Just a Short Drive from Nelson

Kokanee Mountain Zipline is the only zip line operator in the West Kootenays and we’re just 30 minutes from the beautiful City of Nelson. If you were to rank the best things to do in BC, a visit to Nelson would be on many peoples’ lists.

Whether it’s our funky downtown core, abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities or the laid-back lifestyle, people are drawn to this city. And what better way to spend a day out than to careen through a forest canopy at scream-inducing speeds?


Suitable for Everyone

There’s a reason zip lining is regarded as a family-friendly activity: it’s completely safe. Plus, you don’t require any special skills or training to participate. Basically, if you weigh between 50 and 265 pounds, and you’re brave enough to take that first step off the platform, you’re good to go!

At Kokanee Mountain Zipline, our zip line tours are fully guided by two highly trained guides. Plus, we walk our guests through a safety demonstration and ensure they’re fitted with properly sized equipment before heading out on the course.

For more on this, read: Zip Lining: A Safe Way to Excite the Senses.


Happy Campers

Another benefit of our location is that we’re just a few minutes away from Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. If you’re in the area on a camping trip, come check us out!


To learn more about discounted zipline tours at one of the top tourist attractions in BC, call Kokanee Mountain Zipline at 1-844-764-4484.