Write a Review: Let Everyone Know About Your Zip line BC Adventure

May 09, 2017
Traveller reviews are a great way to spread the word on your zip line BC experience

Traveller reviews are a great way to spread the word on your zip line BC experience

“Great fun on a nice long zip line! Exhilarating ride.”

“Friendly well-trained staff. Book in advance for best times.” 

“Great guides and stunning views made this a fantastic activity!”

These are just some of the reviews that have been written about Kokanee Mountain Zipline, a top-rated zip line BC attraction which has been named #1 out of 13 outdoor activities in Nelson, BC on TripAdvisor.

Not only is it good business practice to share testimonials and reviews, they are also a great way to share what you thought about your zip line BC adventure, and also let the business and their staff know what they did right and how they can improve. 

“Reading your reviews about your experience is a real boost for our guides,” says Todd Manton, co-owner and operations manager at Kokanee Mountain Zipline.

Sharing your zip line BC experience with others can also help stem any fears they may have about their first flight.

Never written a review before? Read our guide below!


Share your zip line BC experience:


1. TripAdvisor

Said to be the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor is used more and more by people looking to plan a trip. The company has reported that 80 per cent of travellers say they focus on the newest reviews to get information on hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. Businesses, such as zip line BC attractions, also benefit by your reviews. Not only do they learn what their customers want, expect and need, they can also use the ratings as part of their marketing strategy. Another reason your reviews count is TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence program, which is issued to those in the hospitality industry who consistently deliver great service.


2. Social media

According to 2017 global social media statistics, Facebook is still the top social media network site in the world, with close to 2 billion users. It is also one of the largest marketing tools that businesses use today. By establishing a page, businesses, such as tourist attractions in BC, can set up a star rating plug-in where users can rate that business and write their reviews. 


3. Testimonials

Defined as a written or oral declaration to a person’s conduct, or qualifications, a recommendation, or something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude, a testimonial is basically giving props to a business that has given you great service. Many businesses and attractions post these testimonials on their websites and social media sites, so if you want to write about the kind of zip lines Canada should know about it, send your thoughts in a letter or email.


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Kokanee Mountain Zipline has received more than 140 reviews on TripAdvisor since it opened in July, 2015. Of all the reviews posted so far, 135 have been in the excellent rating. Want to know more about people’s experiences at Kokanee Mountain Zipline? You can read their Testimonials online or more reviews on TripAdvisor or Facebook. Feel free to post about your own experience. We would love to hear how we did.