Ready To Zip? 5 FAQs to Pump You Up!

June 15, 2022
Feel safe and secure with our expert team and safety equipment for your first zip trekking adventure!

Feel safe and secure with our expert team and safety equipment for your first zip trekking adventure!

We’re big-time adrenaline zipline junkies, so we know all about the thrill you get from zipping through the forest, getting that bird's eye perspective of the majestic old-growth Douglas fir and pine forests we’re thrilled to call our home.

But we also know that zip lining can be nerve-wracking for first-time fliers! So we’ve rounded up some FAQs to put you (and your heights-averse friends/family) at ease and excited to go on a ziptrek.


1. Should I bring a change of underwear?

No, but we do recommend wearing some underwear. Ziplining is exhilarating - not so scary you have to worry about getting to the bathroom. Just weather-appropriate clothing, closed-toed shoes, and a smile are needed to enjoy ziplining.


2. Will this help me conquer my fear of heights?

Anyone with acrophobia has their own journey to conquering their fears, so while we can’t make any guarantees, we can assure you of your safety the whole time. Our team is highly trained and our course is regularly inspected. We’ll give you all the safety gear and tips you need to stop overanalyzing your fears and focus on the beauty that makes our zipline a top Nelson attraction.


3. Do I have to be in good shape?

Absolutely not! While our course does have a brief 500m walk and some up and downhill sections, most of the work is done by the ropes and gear. You just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

However, we do have a weight restriction. Zero judgement towards any of our potential fliers, but because of the limitations of industry equipment we strictly require all participants to be between 50 and 265 pounds.


4. What if I look silly?

Ziplining is all about having fun! So long as you’re excited and willing to listen, you’ll have the best zipline experience. We deal with first-time fliers all the time, so there’s nothing you can do to shock us. But check out these extra tips if you’re still looking to make a good first impression.


5. Do you take walk-in visitors?

We love walk-in visitors! The more the merrier in our book. However, because we have a limited (but amazing) staff, our bookings do fill up quickly. They’re set on a first-come, first-served basis in max groups of 10, so we recommend booking at least one day in advance to ensure there’s room for your whole party.


Still have burning questions? Check out our FAQ page for more information on what to know before you go ziplining!

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