Support Kokanee Creek Provincial Park Nature Centre!

May 26, 2023
Embrace the start of summer and being back outdoors by helping us support another wonderful part of our local ecotourism industry!

Embrace the start of summer and being back outdoors by helping us support another wonderful part of our local ecotourism industry!

We’re so excited that the season is open once again and we get to see all your faces back on the ziplines so we can share our love of nature with you. If you’ve visited us before, you’ll know we’re all about the local ecosystem and embracing the natural environment we find ourselves in. Which is why, this opening season, we’re throwing our support behind our neighbors Kokanee Creek Nature Centre. 


What’s Happening?

Due to recent funding changes, the provincial park is facing a budget shortfall of the $30,000 that it needs to continue operations. The Friends of West Kootenay Parks Society has stepped up to help fundraise the difference so the provincial park can keep the nature centre open. Along with a few other local businesses, we at Kokanee Mountain Zip Lineshave contributed to this fundraiser, allowing for several popular programs to continue this summer.

So far, only one-third of the goal has been raised.


What Does Kokanee Creek Nature Centre Do?

Kokanee Creek Nature Centre is part of the local provincial park that acts as a resource to teach people about the local area, including animals, flowers, and plants – pretty much anything you would care to know about the provincial park. It’s just one of Nelson’s tourist attractions, and one hundred percent worth a visit, in our opinion.

On top of offering coffee, ice cream, and souvenirs for guests, the Nature Centre also offers lots of programs for visitors: science and nature activities for 9–12-year-olds, camp days (hiking, journaling, crafts, and more) for 6–9-year-olds, as well as science, astronomy, and storytelling activities for everyone!


How Can I Help?

At Kokanee Mountain Zip Line, we’re passionate about ecotourism and supporting our fellow local businesses where we can. We’ve already donated, and if you have money to spare to donate, you can too through the Friends of West Kootenay Parks Society website HERE or by making an e-transfer donation to the Friends at (specify the Nature Centre in the notes – donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt, full name, and address required).

You can also support the Kokanee Creek Nature Centre by visiting them and the greater provincial park! Located just across the highway from our zipline course (a mere six-minute drive), pairing the park with ziplining makes for a perfect outdoor afternoon for kids and adults of any age when looking for things to do in West Kootenays.

Want to learn more about the ecosystem where you’re camping? Check out our guide: Kokanee Mountain Zipline’s Guide to Your Local Ecosystem.


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